Connect with Membership

Are you seeking deeper ties to a community of faith? Have you found your way to Third Church and wonder about membership might mean for you? Are you interested in becoming a member, but have questions? Then an “Exploring Membership Gathering” is intended just for you.

Exploring Membership

Meet members, staff, and other newcomers. Share your story and hear about the journeys that brought folks to this place. Explore ways to connect with others and to put your faith in action. We come from many different backgrounds and from all over; all are welcome to become part of Third Presbyterian Church.

New Member Gatherings

For those who wish to become members of Third Church, New Member Gatherings will be held immediately following each Exploring dinner and again on the following Sunday.

For more information or to reserve your place at the table, please contact Lynette Sparks, Associate Pastor for Outreach and Evangelism ( or 271.6513 ext. 106).

Coming Up

Sunday, May 7, 12:00pm

Exploring Membership Luncheon

Four times a year, we host these very informal (yet delicious!) meals designed for people new to the congregation to learn more about Third Church. There is no formal program; we simply have a conversation that allows you to get to know our pastoral staff and a few members of the church, as well as to meet other folks new to this place. The emphasis is on exploring; attending a dinner carries no further obligation on your part.

Our luncheon conversation will conclude at 1:30pm. For those that are ready to join in membership, the next step is a New Member Gathering offered at two different times (1) that same afternoon following the luncheon from 1:30-2:30pm, or (2) on the new member Sunday two weeks later, May 21 at 8:30am.

For more information, contact Lynette Sparks (271-6513 ext. 106) or